The Force is With You!

The sky is blue with billowing white clouds. The trees dance and dip in the wind. Children giggle and chase bubbles on the grass. Whose turn is it to blow a bubble now? How high can you jump to pop it? See how they float gently and then dive in the wind? We take a […]

Play Pathways

We’re all feeling under pressure in todays world; none of us have much time for ourselves, it feels as if we have no time to think, no time to cook, no time to play…and then we become parents. I was watching Michael McIntyre the other evening, all of my family was laughing hysterically as we […]

Radiator Nozzles

When children are happy to play with boxes and wrapping paper, sticks and mud, it’s easy to think why even bother with toys? But play at its finest is the combination of the everyday and toys.  Babies can be interested in radiator nozzles, switches on the washing machine, electrical sockets and car tyres, so it […]

My idea of heaven

Next time you are throwing ted across the room scoring a straight hit in the toy box, while pulling the plastic tea pot from the wash basket, stepping on a book perfectly placed on a slippery surface so you experience the splits at an unexpected speed…remember it’s all in a good cause.  We all know […]


  Play/pleɪ – verb: To engage in an activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose. I remember quite clearly the ‘let’s pretend’ games I played as a child. I’m sure you can too.  These are the memories that make me smile. I played with my little sister, sometimes with other young […]