WELCOME BACK! – We’re delighted to announce that we are able to re-open with reduced capacity & schedule. We are COVID compliant and we’ve adjusted our Rules of Play to help protect our customers. Please make sure to read through the new rules before booking.

Children create stories through their play; creating characters and events, using the real and imaginary world. Understanding the importance of children’s play and their learning has led to the creation of this little play den.

Little World for Scholars is a magical role play centre where children can create their stories in the human, natural and imaginary world. Exploring our beautiful little airport, little garden, fairy house and many more areas for the children to become the main characters of their stories.

There is also a coffee shop serving hot and cold drinks, cakes and other delicious snacks. You will also find a Little Shop for Scholars where you can buy fairy wings, builders tool belts or a dinosaur for small world play.

Based on Stamford New Road (opposite the clock tower) we will be open six days a week, 3-4 play sessions a day, each session lasting 80 minutes.

Everything is stories create yours at Little World for Scholars.